We believe that children who spend the day apart from their parents benefit from an intimate, involved setting. The philosophy of our early childhood program rests on the importance of:

  • Primary attachments and the relationships between children, parents, and teachers
  • Respect of all children as competent and capable people
  • Provision of a safe, predictable, interesting and aesthetic environment
  • Respect and response to the uniqueness of each child
  • Excellent early childhood professionals.

We believe children are naturally motivated to learn. A supportive, stimulating atmosphere with room for the child’s input and interest is optimal. As a full-time day care center, it is our responsibility and our goal to create a safe, child-centered environment. We seek to balance various ingredients of early childhood philosophies into an exemplary program. Our approach gives attention to emotional, social, physical, creative and cognitive development. Since we also believe that children who spend the day apart from their parents need a more intimate, involved setting than the traditional preschool environment, we emphasize continuity and relationships among children, parents and teachers.


Parents and teachers regularly update one another on the child’s development and care. A joint approach to problem solving and support for the child occur as rapport builds among child, teacher, and parent. While the child is our primary focus, we also recognize parents as essential in the child’s development and commit ourselves to supporting them in their child-rearing experiences.


Children are enrolled for a twelve month program year so as to encourage group continuity. Staffing patterns, routines and environment retain a consistent familiarity that aids the children in maintaining the comfort and security they associate with the school. This sense of belonging is an important factor contributing to the development of self-esteem. Necessary changes of staff or children occur with as much preparation as possible.

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